If you have gotten this far & you still have questions, i got you!



This is when I ask about your story and you can tell me every detail you have planned for your day. With that, I can give you an idea of my approach and how I plan to serve you two and your people.


Once you guys decide to book, we will set a date that works best for the both of us to take engagements & bridals if it's part of the package that you chose. These days are always my favorite cause I get to meet you guys personally and you guys get to see a glimpse of how things will be done on your big day.


From the day you guys have booked me, you guys can call me anytime. Anyone that I have served knows that I am always a phone call away. I know how hectic it is to plan a wedding and I know that photographers are usually booked months or even a year ahead so don't feel like you can only connect with me on the day of your wedding. I can help give you an idea what time your ceremony should be depending on where it's at and what season of daylight we are in. I can give you ideas of what pictures you would want done before and after the ceremony so that you get everything captured according to the package you chose.


I plan to come to your wedding knowing exactly how you want it to be. While I know that every wedding is different and that it may not always be perfect, one thing's for sure – I'm there to stay. You will get the pictures done and my only intention for that day is serving you and your people in the best way I know.


After every wedding, hugging my people and saying goodbye is always a sad feeling. From planning your day for months prior to ending your wedding day with hugs and goodbye's is never my favorite thing to do. But I do surprise some of my bride's with a sneak peek gallery the day after & while this isn't really a promise or anything contracted cause it really just depends on the season and how busy I am, sending out a sneak peek gallery the day after is always a happy mail day for everyone.

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